HDHOHP 2017 нов естествена кожа норки палта за жени сака парк с кожа, за жени топла жилетка зима реално норка кожени якета

  • Размер На Опаковката : 35cm x 25cm x 15cm (13.78in x 9.84in x 5.91in)
  • Тип На Блока : парче
  • Тегло На Опаковката : 1.5kg (3.31lb.)
Наличност: В наличност

SKU: b1876

лв.3 724.47 лв.1 601.52

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Номер На Модела ТК-02Вид Връхни Дрехи Естествена КожаМатериал Естествена Кожа,Кожа,КадифеРъкав Стил РедовниТърговска Марка HDHOHPРазмер 40 Bust 95cm, 42 Bust 100cm, 44 Bust 105cm, 46 Bust 110cm, 48 Bust 115cm, 50 Bust 120cm, 52 Bust 125cmТип ТънъкПол ЖениДължина ръкав(см) Девет ТримесечиеСтил Двуличный кожаТип На Затваряне ОднобортныйДебелина на СтандартЗанаят Техника\ С Пълна ПараДължината На Дрехата СреденТип Дизайн ШарениУкраса кожаС качулка NoЯка Яка Мандарин

Етикети: натурална кожа норки палто, норковая палто, норковый полушубок, Евтини естествена кожа норки палто, Високо качество на норковая палто, Китай норковые палта якета доставчици.

Edikkim1994 2018-01-24

received within 28 days. pad thin, and it сшита роспуск in visible. выглядет but very beautiful gray beige shiny fur, not крашеный, not лезет, superfluous no smell. мездру gauge can not no, none lining отпарывать and desire, oh not to and expert sure don хрустит but. with общалась many sellers, always posted, even silly questions. your заказала 42 size l/44 without not seller ошиблась and no, me sitting on pad exactly and i like. the 170 sleeve 60 cm height wrist. in collar magnet, to the bottom hooks, shoulder pads, кулиска waist and sleeves, two outside pockets and one internal, liner sewn by hand. the overall such price is very good.

Galinawap25 2018-01-01

i do not сошла crazy))))) by ali pad one more it really! ng these супругу thanks my favorite gifts!!! number 31 переживала придёт that it does not very, here!!!! straight eve ng so me surprise! начнём oh .... unpacked it when, the ужаснулась slightly. of course it have been видос ..... november 25 помята coat very has been in the package. норочку not the similar. нооооо, повторюсь, couple watch time give's need at least n отпарить correct warm and of course comb anti wool only very carefully!!!!!!! and my долгожданная, acquired the kind, ожидала i. quality high level, fairy tale color just a!!! clasps good, strong, collar magnet is very sturdy. hidden have, утянуть belt can, if like. (but i always repeat, taste and color!!! i personally lucky but don't forget puss in this bag. at your own risk, because the dear.) seller. always on! it so much thanks!!!!

Xyu3haet56 2018-01-15

due to holidays december 01 fur coat заказала received only on january 09, shipping fast. models in sleeve three quarter transformer sleeve make suggested seller (60 cm), but sorry коротковат turns, had to do 65 cm. fancy color gray brown. thin, light. tailoring, because of this тесновато hip. satisfied шубкой overall and.

Lgarcia119 2017-11-04

wonderful pad, fur color gorgeous. заказывала невестке, thin little it, og 88.

Husnu Kalkan 2018-01-20

exquisite coat, fairy tale color just. perfect fit for size, wear 44. отвественный seller very, 60 made by my request, long 90. satisfied very, to seller thank you!!!

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