Япония, Южна чугунен чайник стар саксия снаряди японски чайници здравето на котления камък, желязо гърне 800 мл

  • Тип На Блока : парче
  • Тегло На Опаковката : 1.34kg (2.95lb.)
  • Размер На Опаковката : 20cm x 20cm x 20cm (7.87in x 7.87in x 7.87in)
Наличност: В наличност

SKU: b5758

лв.70.37 лв.58.41

Търговска Марка LanBeiJiaКапацитет 801-900млМатериал Метал

Етикети: Гърне, чай пот, пот чугун, Евтини гърне, Високо качество на чайник за чай, Китай пот чугун доставчици.

Zenitchampion2015 2018-01-16

but there is one but really kettle me .. it me delivered defective, straight painting cover was слазить paint rust and because of this to start. ie directly in one place and by the way рыжиков paint on зафигачили рыжика already saw not even paint. with this seller something asked do not willing posted. after opening and asked диспута извинятся began to close. new it matchs that we agreed oh the cover. horror выслал quality easy but it! size and different slightly loose, this cover is not fixed .. the стремное without it can clear enamel & with its kettle. like it oh thank you накосячил and tried to it. pictures look, seen on them all :)

Rahab123 2017-11-17

EVERYTHING correct, new pretty ha quick very happy

Jamesmarchetti98 2017-11-24

beautiful Kettle in good state, a poco high hopes long time, arrived But in specified time. recommend.

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