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The REAL Problem With ‘Single Payer” That Democrats and the Media Try to Hide

Democrats are pushing “single payer” and “medicare for all” as if it’s the solution to every problem in the world.

Of course we all know that’s a bunch of nonsense as “single payer” or “medicare for all” would make a doctor visit akin to a trip to the DMV.

In other words, a total and complete mess combined with super long wait times.

Rationed care and politically motivated health care decisions would be all that Americans would have too look forward to under the Democrats plans.

Unfortunately that would be the least of the problems with “single payer” or “medicare for all” as the cartoon below illustrates.

Exactly right.

The REAL problem with single payer is the taxpayer is the ultimate “single payer.”

Bernie Sanders Accidentally Reveals What ‘Medicare For All’ Really Means

Vermont Senator and current 2020 candidate for President Bernie Sanders just spilled the beans about what his “Medicare for All” plan would really mean for most Americans if he was elected and got his way.

Bernie was asked by a reporter in Iowa if people would be allowed to keep their private health insurance under his plan and this is how he responded.

“No, I think right now what we should appreciate is that every year many, many millions of people lose their health insurance because they leave their jobs or because their employer changes their insurance policies” Sanders said.

“I think what most Americans feel is that Medicare currently — which applies to people 65 years of age or older, is a very strong program, it is a popular program. There is no reason why we should continue to pay twice as much per capita for health care than the people of any other nation, and yet have so many people uninsured or underinsured with high deductibles and copayments” he added.

Bernie then concluded by saying “So, I believe that if we want to provide health care to all in a cost-effective way, if we want to lower the outrageous price of prescription drugs in this country, the way to go is Medicare for all.”

The reporter then asked the Senator how he would pay for his “Medicare for All” program.

“Well, we are paying for it right now. We are spending twice as much per capita on health care as the people of any other country, and in many way our healthcare outcomes are not as good. So, we are paying for it” Sanders replied.

“What our bill does — and sometimes — you know, we are up against the insurance companies and the drug companies who are going to spend tens of millions of dollars trying to defeat us. But what people should understand is that Medicare for all does is that it eliminates private health insurance premiums” he added.

“You’re not going to be paying that. You’re not going to be paying copayments. You’re not going to be paying deductibles. You are going to be seeing your prescription drug cost, in my view come down by 50 percent. Will you be paying more in taxes? Yes you will.”

At least he was honest that no one would get to keep their private insurance and everyone’s taxes would go up.

Watch the whole thing:

[embedded content]

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