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1st Time I’ve Seen Libs Mad a Baby Got Chopped up

Vandalism is never acceptable. Unlike liberals, conservatives have — or should have — respect for private property baked into their political DNA. Even when it comes to political protest, it’s difficult to think of a situation where destruction of someone else’s possession is acceptable, provided said possession isn’t threatening anyone ... Read More »

New Poll Shows Democrats Really Do Hate America

Most anyone who pays regular attention to politics knows, or strongly suspects, that today’s Democrats hate America and everything it once stood unequivocally for. Members of both parties generally used to love the country, it’s traditions and foundations, often disagreed on how to move forward but could still get things ... Read More »

‘Go Home’ and ‘Shut Your Mouth’

Commentary News Gary Miller / Getty ImagesFormer Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton attends a book promotion tour stop Nov. 3 in Austin, Texas. Clinton is making noises about the possibility of another run for the White House, but a former adviser poured cold water on that idea on Tuesday. (Gary ... Read More »