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The lawmakers who took small business loans

with help from Marianne LeVine YOU DOWN WITH PPP? — For months, Washington has whispered about who might be benefiting from the small business loans program, which Congress created to help struggling businesses during the coronavirus crisis. House Democrats even unsuccessfully tried to force disclosure of some of the loan ... Read More »

The next coronavirus cliff

CRUNCH TIME CRISIS — July was already packed with a slate of must-pass spending and defense bills. But when lawmakers return to Washington, they must also deal with another to-do item: their next coronavirus recovery bill. And Congress’s fifth aid package was always going to be the most difficult to ... Read More »

AOC Implies Biden Was Nominated Out Of Fear Of Dems Base, Cruz Replies With Five Burning Questions

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden held a press conference last Tuesday, delivering remarks over how he views President Trump’s coronavirus response and the economy. Following his prepared remarks, Biden responded to questions from reporters for the first time in nearly three months. Joe Biden was asked a question regarding monuments, and ... Read More »

Supreme Court Hands Trump A ‘Significant Win’ As They Deny Democrats Access To Mueller’s Grand Jury Docs Until At Least 2021

The Supreme Court of the United States on Thursday, handed President Trump a “significant win” as they denied House Democrats access to grand jury material from former special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation until at least 2021, in an apparent effort by Democrats to initiate a second impeachment investigation against ... Read More »