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Say It Ain’t So Trey! Gowdy Says He’s Fighting The Deep State, But Then Why Has He Ignored Republicans Who Blocked President Trump’s Nomination for DNI

The Opinion & Speculation Of Our Elder Patriot – Former South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy, former Chairman of  the House Oversight Committee, appeared with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo yesterday. It appears that Gowdy has had it with the blatant duplicity of Deep State Democrats and their Republican enablers (Decepticons Mitch ... Read More »

3 Charged in Case of Pregnant Teen Made to Drink Turpentine

Crime Culture US News WJ Wire ArtOlympic / ShutterstockBlue light flasher atop of a police car. City lights on the background. (ArtOlympic / Shutterstock) Three people have been charged in the case of a sexually abused teen forced to drink turpentine in an attempt to end her pregnancy. A state ... Read More »

How the Democrats Are Burning Away the Myth They Might Nominate a Moderate

The second round of Democratic presidential primary debates in Detroit turned out to be a “Bonfire of Fantasies” — a public immolation of the few candidates willing to sound the alarm about the Party’s self-destructive shift to the radical left. Back in 1497, a monk named Girolamo Savonarola convinced the ... Read More »

Victims of Texas, Ohio Shootings Included Parents, Students

Nearly 1,600 miles apart, the cities of El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, have been united in grief and pain by a pair of shootings that left more 30 people dead. In the Texas border town, a shooter who opened fire at a Walmart store left 22 people dead and ... Read More »

Trump Suggests Linking Gun Background Checks to Immigration Reform

In a Monday tweet, President Donald Trump suggested that Congress may be able to pass a law on gun background checks by coupling the legislation with immigration reform. Following a pair of mass shootings over the weekend, the president called on Republicans and Democrats to “come together.” “We cannot let ... Read More »

Catastrophic Explosion at Russian Ammo Dump, Shock Wave Forms Dome Above Mushroom Cloud

A massive explosion has occurred in Siberia, reportedly near the town Achinsk. The cause of the explosion is not yet known, though it reportedly took place at an artillery storage base. Thousands of people have been evacuated to “be relocated from a 20km radius around the site,” according to the ... Read More »

We Won’t Stop The Hate Until America Gives Us Power

Right now, all the news out today on Joe Biden is about how he totally flubbed his response to the mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio over the weekend. While speaking to donors at a fundraiser in San Diego on Sunday night, Biden referred to the shootings ... Read More »

Jovial Joe Biden – The Joker Who Would Be President

Vice President Joe Biden falls in with the left on abortion, energy, fracking, gas, coal, gun control, and wants an expanded Affordable Care Act. Among the throng of vitriolic candidates running against President Donald Trump, he remains a jovial presence. Jovial Joe Biden slams Trump’s approach to foreign policy, but ... Read More »

Elizabeth Warren Issues Gun Control Ultimatum, Promises Swift & Immediate Executive Action If Elected President

The mainstream media isn’t reporting that the Dayton shooter was a fan of Elizabeth Warren. This has been well documented. He was apparently a registered Democrat. And if anyone mentions that fact, they are immediately silenced and blackballed. One NBC reporter mentioned the shooter’s pro-Warren tweets, but tried to pass ... Read More »

Putin Slams US Nuclear Treaty Withdrawal

Military US News WJ Wire World News Mikhail Klimentyev, Sputnik / Kremlin Pool Photo / APRussian President Vladimir Putin listens during a meeting in the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia, Friday, Aug. 2, 2019. (Mikhail Klimentyev, Sputnik / Kremlin Pool Photo / AP) Russian President Vladimir Putin said Monday that Russia ... Read More »