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Police Officer Touched by Landscaper Who Offered To Adjust Cut Times for Cop’s Sleep Schedule

In today’s society, it is easy to forget to notice others. With all of the errands we task ourselves with, the meetings we schedule and the time we block out for self care, it leaves little room to actually notice others around us.

Think about it. When was the last time you looked at another shopper in the eyes at the grocery store? How well do you know the people living next door to you?

While it’s become increasingly acceptable to put on blinders and only focus on our own paths, a landscaper in Moody, Alabama, recently showed how much of an impact we can leave on others if we remove our self-imposed blinders and consider others around us.

While tending to one of his customer’s lawns, Rodney Green, owner of Green Lawn Maintenance, noticed that a police car was always parked in the next door neighbor’s driveway in the middle of the day.

After seeing the police car a few times, Green decided to leave a note in the mailbox.

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“I realized this morning that every time I have cut the yard next door, your patrol car is in the drive,” he wrote on a blank invoice. “If you will call me, I will adjust my cut time to accommodate your sleep schedule.”

When Sgt. Reece Smith of Moody Police Department came home, he found Green’s note in his mailbox.

He was so moved by the landscaper’s thoughtfulness that he shared the note on Facebook, claiming that the note had restored his faith in humanity.

“It brightened my day up,” Sgt. Smith told WIAT. “I thought it was just a great gesture of kindness, really. It was him being a normal citizen and being kind.”

Green told The Western Journal that he has worked nights before so he understands how difficult it can be to sleep while the rest of the world is awake, but he said that none of that passed through his mind when he left the note in Sgt. Smith’s mailbox.

The post has since been shared over 5,000 times, proving how powerful such a small act of kindness can be.

Both Green and Sgt. Smith hope that the now-viral note inspires others to notice and be more kind to those around them.

“This should be common place,” Green told The Western Journal. “It should be so normal that no one even looked at that note a second time.”

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“If you want to live in a world like that,” he continued. “Maybe you should walk down the street to go help that older lady with her groceries. Volunteer with a small local charity. If you stop and look around you can help get America back to not locking our doors. It just takes helping / being kind to one person at a time.”

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