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Pelosi’s Daughter Comes Out Of Nowhere With Brutal Message For Socialists

Conservative political talk radio host Andrew Wilkow had an interesting guest during his show that aired Monday.

It appears as though he was joined by none other than the daughter of Democratic Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

For those that don’t know, Christine Pelosi is the current Women’s Caucus Chair of the California Democratic Party, a post that she’s held since 2011.

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Although most probably expected Pelosi to further the ultra-left-wing ambitions of socialism in America, quite the opposite was true.

As reported by The Blaze:

In this episode of “Wilkow!” host Andrew Wilkow was joined by Christine Pelosi, daughter of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Democratic National Committee official, to talk about why our country can’t have “free” health care for all, including illegal immigrants, and open borders.

When democratic socialists such as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) insist that Scandinavian countries are the perfect “socialist” model, they fail to mention that, while those countries do cover health care for their citizens, they also have far less diversity, way higher taxes for the middle class, and of course, much stricter border laws than the U.S.

In the episode, you can see Pelosi’s thoughts on the matter in her response to a question by Wilcow, who asked her how taxpayers are supposed to afford everything that the Democrats are asking for.

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You can see part of the transcript below:

Wilkow: How much should the American taxpayer expect to pay into the system for all of that, plus subsidies for healthcare, education, and housing for the non-citizen, if we’re being told we’re going to be more like Scandinavia where they don’t just let people come in to partake of their system?


Pelosi: I think it should be more like America. I think that we should fulfill the promise of our own country. I, I judge the assessment of policy based on who we are as Americans and what we want, not comparing us to other countries, and I think it’s wise for us to say, “What is the most cost-effective way to deliver healthcare? What is the most cost-effective way to make sure that we have the housing and employment needs of our communities met.

Although clearly a Democrat, Pelosi also went on to make it known that the socialists are not the “broader” democratic party.

She even added a little jab at his assertion that the Democratic Socialists speak for the Democrats by mentioning that HER caucus is the “biggest” in the country, and as the leader, she speaks for them; NOT the socialists.

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See their dialogue below:

Wilkow: Okay, so you’re saying that the Democratic Socialists don’t speak for the by and large and broader democratic party?

Pelosi: Well, I’m a Democrat, so I speak for the Democratic Party. My, my caucus, uh, the Women’s Caucus of the Democratic Party, the biggest women’s political caucus in the country, is very diverse, and we all identify ourselves as Democrats. So if somebody wants to attach another label to themselves, whether the socialists, a blue dog, a new dog, a yellow dog… uh, whatever, that’s on them.

Sounds like the Socialists don’t smell as good as they think they do with the majority of Democrats? What does this mean?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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