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Nikki Haley Rips ‘Anonymous’ to Pieces, ‘Coward Hiding and Throwing Stones’

Watch as former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley rips “Anonymous,” the author or a so called insider account of the Trump White House, to pieces during an interview with Fox News host Dana Perino:

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PERINO: Also made the news talking about general Kelly and Rex Tillerson trying to subvert the president and asking you if you would join them. He said no and told other media that you inform the president about that.

One of the things I notice is that General Kelly says to you at one point that you had fought for a cabinet level position for the U.N. Ambassador job and thought that was important and you understood that. He thought it was a mistake. The new Ambassador is not

HALEY: I actually talk about it in the book where he tells me that if he had the opportunity, he would make sure the next Ambassador was not a cabinet level position. And he was adamant about that.

I think being a cabinet level position allows me to have a stronger voice at the U.N. And allowed me to have a strong relationship with the president. I think that position should be a cabinet position. I think Kelly will do great in the way that she is. But didn’t appreciate my voice that time.

PERINO: Next week, would you at all be surprised if it was someone that you knew?

HALEY: I don’t know what to think about Anonymous. When I think about it, it is really offensive to me because you have a person hiding behind a curtain throwing stones and I think it is arrogant, it is cowardly, and I don’t know what the end game is.

But my issue is if it was that important, show us your face, show us your voice and stand in front of the world and say what you’re going to say. But to really hide behind a curtain like this, why would anybody trust anonymous?

PERINO: Was it offensive to you when people thought it was you?

HALEY: It was offensive to me so much so that I responded with no ask of anyone from the White House because there were a lot of us trying to do really good work there and then here you have someone who secretly goes out and says that and causes the stir that was so unnecessary so it was disrespectful to those of us who were trying to do the right thing and yes, obviously the suspicion was over all of us because it was who is that?

Anybody that worked in the White House and certainly the president knew my commitment to him in the administration and what I was trying to do.



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