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Greg Gutfeld Shreds Juan Williams After He Accuses Him Of Bias

Fox News resident Democrat talking head Juan Williams caused a commotion on Fox News program “The Five” when he accused a fellow host of bias.

The entire panel exploded in a frenzy after Williams accused Gutfeld, Jesse Watters and others on the network of using Republican talking points.

Partial Transcript.

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Dana: Juan, do you think that the Democrats should have waited until they had seen the transcript and whistleblower before they moved forward as Nancy Pelosi did last night?

Juan: No. I think that based on what we know and what has been proven, in terms of the release, it’s thought a transcript per se. It’s more a memo written of people who understood or heard the conversation. I think that they were exactly right. You know, today apparently the White House talking points got leaked to some Democrats.

Dana: They weren’t leaked. They were accidentally emailed to them. That’s not leaked.

Juan: They didn’t intend it so I guess it was leaked. I think, you know, just listening here boy those talking points they have made the rounds. Because the reality is.

Greg: What does that mean? Whoa, whoa, whoa. What does that mean are you saying I got talking points? You got to answer to the accusation.

Jesse: I was told what to say?

Juan: All around.

Greg: You had a whole day to talk. Let’s get Katie in and see if she has something to say that is original.

Juan: Here we go. Asking a foreign government.

Greg: Unbelievable.

Juan: Investigate a political arrival is illegal.

Greg: Did you get that from Media Matters, Juan?

Juan: The president should protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. And by the way, this isn’t just me.

Jesse: Supposed to look away for potential corruption?

Greg: You can’t because you accuse us of reading talking points.

Juan: Judge Napolitano who is our senior news analyst what does he say? You don’t need a quid pro quo, you just need to ask a foreign government.

Juan: It’s not only that you stop and think about. Mitt Romney said extremely — comes from a Republican.

Greg: Of course.

Juan: You get a situation where the president of the United States is saying I want dirt on my political opponent. And then I hear oh, it’s because we can’t beat you at the ballot box. It’s because he is worried about Joe Biden. This, to me, is outrage and unbelievable that people would try to throw —

Jesse: Lost the last election.

Greg: Juan, you got two days to talk about it. Katie hasn’t been able to say word.

Juan: Good filibuster.

Greg: You were on this show yesterday we weren’t, Juan. You had your shot.

Katie: Talk about two things you brought up. You said it is illegal for a president to ask for dirt. But from a foreign agency or a foreign government. A Democrat sent a letter to Ukraine in 2018 asking for them to investigate President Trump by cooperating with a special counsel investigation. So, if Trump is guilty of it, so are the Democrats. You also.

Juan: He was asking.

Greg: Let her talk, Juan.

Jesse: Juan, did you read the transcript or not? It doesn’t seem like you did.

Katie: I’m good.

Jesse: Go ahead, Katie.

Katie: You implied that the transcript was not properly transcribed. The people who wrote the notes were CIA agents who were brought in from a CIA to do this. We know that people who are — have done these things before have said on record today that this is the closest you are going to get to a transcribed.

Dana: They are not taped.

Dana: So onto the political aspect of this. You know, the word favor has been tossed around a lot in terms of the transcript.

People accusing the transcript of giving a favor and asking for a favor of Joe Biden being investigated. He actually uses the term favor when he is asking about — Ukraine interference in the 2016 election.

Let’s not forget it was the DNC who went and met with Ukraine officials in Washington, D.C. To ask for dirt on President Trump on behalf of Hillary Clinton.

That’s the first thing. The second thing is the president this week has been able to set up a huge contrast to what it comes to what Democrats are focused on and what he is doing.

He has been meeting with a number of leaders. You had secretary Pompeo stand up and say we have convinced a number of allies that the Iran deal is no longer the way forward with Iran.

So while he is doing this on the world stage and having serious conversations about the security of the country, the Democrats are focused on impeachment based on the transcript that they didn’t even see until today and continuing on with the narrative while the president is actually focused on serious issues that affect the country and voters are going to be the ones who decide if that’s going to happen.

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