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Florida Resident Rips County Leaders At Face Mask Debate: “I Will Not Be Muzzled Like A Mad Dog”

A Florida man didn’t hold back while getting a chance to tell St. Lucie County officials what he thought about their proposed mandate for face masks.

“I will not be muzzled like a mad dog,” the man said to the St. Lucie County Commission during Friday’s debate after he claimed “we are being lied to.”

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According to CBS 12 News:

“The St. Lucie County Commission held a special meeting on Friday to discuss a Proposed ‘Order of the St. Lucie County Administrator requiring face coverings be worn in certain circumstances to slow the spread of COVID-19 particularly in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.’”

The meeting came as COVID-19 cases have reportedly been spiking in the state. Continued Below

“We are being lied to, our freedoms are taking forever, and I will not be muzzled like a mad dog, and I will not have my health destroyed because you idiots can’t figure — can’t read truth,” the man said to the commission.

“You go along with the lies — the people who are trying to take down our freedoms and destroy our country,” he added

“This is sick. You oughta be ashamed of yourself for being a part of this,” the man said while pointing at members of the commission. Video Below


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