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Duggar Son Runs for Office, Vows To ‘Defend’ Second Amendment and ‘Stand Up for Religious Liberty’

Jed Duggar, who formerly starred in the Duggar family hit “19 Kids and Counting,” has announced that he will seek election next year as the Arkansas State Representative for District 89.

“I am a Christian and I will stand up for religious liberty, I am pro-life and will be an advocate for the unborn, and I will always defend our Second Amendment,” Duggar, 20, said in a video he released on Instagram, adding, “I’d appreciate your prayers, support and your vote!”

Duggar’s election for the seat currently held by Democrat Megan Godfrey is a year away. Godfrey will be seeking re-election.

Duggar presented his core positions on his campaign website.

On the site, he promised to protect religious freedom.

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“People of faith understand that worship is not only confined to the four walls of church, it must be lived out in our daily life. Business owners and employees should never be forced to choose between violating their religious conscience and breaking the law. Religious freedom is not only an American right, it is a fundamental human right,” he said.

Duggar also came out against abortion.

“I am a Christian and pro-life conservative who values the fact that life begins at conception. I believe every human life is created in God’s image, and we must stand up for those who cannot speak for themselves,” he said.

Duggar also noted that he is a strong supporter of gun rights.

“I am a lifelong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and I believe it is crystal clear. As your voice in Little Rock, I will defend our right to keep and bear arms and I will take a stand against liberal judges who trample on our God-given constitutional rights. In addition, I believe sportsmen and hunters are a vital part of environmental sustainability and their contributions to local wildlife conservation across our state must be protected,” he said.

News of Duggar’s candidacy caused a buzz on Twitter.

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The show “19 Kids and Counting” was canceled after revelations that Josh Duggar, the eldest child of the vast Duggar clan, had molested girls as a teen, including two of his sisters. A spinoff titled “Counting On,” which chronicles the adventures of the older Duggar siblings, airs on TLC. Jed Duggar appeared on the show.

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