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Dem Comedian Bill Maher Says Dems Cannot Win Because They Are ‘Crazy’

HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher is an unabashed liberal and someone who despises President Donald Trump.

But he sees that the Democrats do not have a chance to defeat him as it stands because they are, as he said, more insane than him.

“Fatigue is the best thing we’ve got going for us. The majority of Americans aren’t tired of winning, they’re tired of looking at his fat f—ing face! He said.

“It’s hard to beat an incumbent in a good economy. Every incumbent since FDR has won if they avoided a recession leading up to an election year and consumer confidence is sky high.

“The voters that Democrats need to win, moderates who have Trump fatigue, will vote against a good economy, I think, just to get back to normalcy, but they won’t trade it away for left-wing extremism,” he said.

“All the Democrats have to do to win is to come off less crazy than Trump — and, of course, they’re blowing it!” he said.

“Coming across as unserious people who are going to take away all your money so migrants from Honduras can go to college for free and get a major in ‘America sucks,’” he said.

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Maher also said he was rooting for a recession and for people to suffer, because why should he care when he is rich?

He also said he is not a fan of seeing former Vice President Joe Biden as president but, he said, it is the Democrats only chance.


“He’s like nondairy creamer,” he said as he spoke on the former Vice President. “Nobody loves it, but in a jam, it gets the job done.”

“It’s the fatigue, stupid! Let’s make it hard for Trump to play on voters’ fears and let the fatigue win the election for us.

“We’ll get to the revolution, but remember, put on your oxygen mask before assisting your child,” he said.

Maher was also interrupted during the show by a pro-President Trump protester who he mocked before having him escorted from the studio.

“This is not the first time I’ve had to go into the audience but we’ve got to get faster moving security people, I’m telling you,” he said.

“I know you’re going to make America great again,” Maher said. “You’ve made your point — I don’t know what it was, but you’ve made your point.

“And I think your point was that you like Trump, and there are a lot of people who like Trump,” he said. “Make sure he doesn’t have a gun.”

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