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Creepy Dolls Mysteriously Start Appearing on the Streets, Leaving Missouri Residents Vexed

One slice of America’s heartland has become the County of The Dolls.

And no one knows why.

Over the past week, a series of life-sized dolls have started popping up in Jefferson County, Missouri, according to KTVI in St. Louis.

“It is a little creepy,” resident Tamera Pruett told KSDK. “At first, I didn’t realize it was a doll. I was like, ‘What is that?’”

Some of the dolls found in and around Crystal City and Festus, Missouri, were missing a head, or a face.

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The poses in which they were found are apparently meant to shock and attract attention. One was even found dangling from a light pole.

“They’re getting pretty good where they are putting these; putting them where they are going to be seen,” Festus Chief of Police Tim Lewis told KTVI.

One doll propped against a pole was a sure-fire attention-getter.

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“It looked like it was crying and in time out and it was raining, and I thought, ‘that’s kind of creepy now,’” Pruett said.

Lewis said the doll was almost too realistic.

“As you can tell, it looks like a little girl, the hands are sewn to the face, no face on it. If you were to see it from behind it looks like a little girl. If you’re out and about and you see that, it looks like a little girl crying, against a pole and someone is going to stop,” Lewis said.

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“In this town, people are good-hearted. People are going to stop to make sure that’s not a child. They are going to get hit or they are going to get run over and then you’re dealing with a catastrophe,” he said.

Lewis said that the mysterious doll-dropper is out for kicks — watching the reaction he or she gets.

“That’s what we think it is – somebody wants attention, they think it’s funny. They’re giggling as they see people stopping,” he said.

But a joke can go sour, he warned.

“We think it’s a joke, but if someone thinks it’s a child, and they take steps to get that child out of traffic and they get injured, it’s not a joke anymore,” he said.

Festus police Capt. Doug Wendel emphasized that point to

“Somebody thinks it’s funny, somebody thinks it’s cute. It’s all fun and games until somebody stops, thinking it’s a child in distress, and gets hit trying to help out,” he said.

“So whoever’s doing it, we know you think it’s fun and games, but it could be a very dangerous situation.”

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