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Chuck Schumer’s Worst Nightmare About 2020 Just Became A Reality

What has become of the modern Democratic party when a man like Chuck Schumer is what now passes for a moderate?

The Senate Minority Leader is watching in horror as the 2020 candidates maul each other on debate stages and on social media in a race to appeal to the most rabid anti-American elements of the party’s socialist base.

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Despite his own predilections for shameless demagoguery, the senator from New York understands that the eye-gouging fight for the nomination is dividing Democrats while preventing a focus on kitchen table issues that matter to real Americans.

With time running out to find a message outside of revenge against Trump, animosity toward white people and full-blown socialism, Sen. Schumer may be having many a sleepless night as the nominees continue to eat each other alive.

The big winner so far after two debates?

President Trump and Schumer knows it and is already in damage control mode trying to play down the fratricidal civil war in his party over healthcare.

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Via The Washington Times, “Schumer dismisses party split on health care”:

The Senate’s top Democrat Wednesday papered over the deep divisions on health care that emerged in the previous night’s presidential primary debate, saying the fight within his party is nothing compared to the gap between Democrats and Republicans.

Sen. Charles E. Schumer was speaking at a press conference to announce Democrats would force a vote to overturn Trump administration rules to approve what he called “junk insurance” waivers that would allow more affordable but less expansive insurance plans to be sold.

Democrats’ presidential candidates sparred Tuesday over plans by the party’s left-wing to embrace Sen. Bernard Sanders’ “Medicare for All” proposal for a full government takeover of health insurance. Mr. Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren defended the proposal against more moderate Democrats who said they didn’t want to oust people from existing plans they like.

The debate turned testy, with Mr. Sanders’ opponents telling him he was in danger of costing the party its chance to unseat President Trump.

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No matter how badly that Schumer works at downplaying the war of the nominees, he can’t stop the split between those like former Vice President Joe Biden who wants to tweak Obamacare and the bulk of the field who are demanding Medicare for all.

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Some candidates have openly admitted that they are down with taking away healthcare insurance from millions of Americans who currently receive coverage through their employers in order to give freebies to the unproductive elements of society.

The idea of forcing a huge portion of the electorate off their existing plans and into a micro-managed socialist system controlled by radical Democrats is not going to go over well in the “flyover states” that are mocked by the coastal cultural elite and Schumer knows it.

Only two debates in and with just less than a year until the socialists march into Milwaukee for their nominating convention and the GOP and Trump already have enough ammo to blow the Dems’ hopes at retaking the White House to smithereens.

Even worse news for Schumer?

Crazy Bernie is closing in on Biden in the polls which could result in Americans having a choice between making America great again and bringing elements of the Soviet Union to our government.

Chuck’s nightmares could begin getting even more vivid.

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