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Calls for More Gun Laws – Shuttering Websites Which He Calls “Hate Sites” ~ illicit info

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Here at we do not tell our writers which opinions they should or should not have. One of our writers thinks that Graham turned a corner and is now Lindsey Graham 2.0, a Patriot, who has Trump’s back and wants to expose bad actors in our government and make this nation great once more.

Another one of our writers thinks that Graham is conning the Trump crowd, never changed, and is still the swamp monster we always believed he was and is getting worse and worse each day.

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I happen to think Lindsey decides to be whoever suits him best at that moment in time.  I do not think he has principles … other than doing whatever he can to obtain more power or influence or perhaps money.  Graham also happens to be one heck of an actor.

Because of this, it came as little surprise to me when Graham, who happens to be the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, went on appeared on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo earlier today and softened up the public for possible legislation that just might be upcoming in the Senate.

The ever morphing Senator Graham decided now would be a great time to talk about more anti-gun laws what would ” … keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people who are hateful …” 

As if coming down on the wrong side of the 2nd Amendment was not enough for the Senator, Graham decided to take a swipe at the First Amendment to the Constitution of The United States of America. Lindsey 1.0 went on to say that the Senate should be looking into “white supremacist hate sites” and went on to say that “We should shut those sites down.” 

Here is the partial transcript of the Senator’s comments via The Gateway Pundit:

Lindsey Graham: The president is more determined than ever to get something done that makes sense. We’re not going to take people’s guns away… We want to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people who are hateful or mentally ill. The red flag legislation grants the states that have these red flag laws, the president is focused on that. Working with Senator Manchin we can perhaps enhance background checks. The guy in Philadelphia had been convicted 6 or 8 times. How the hell did he get a gun to begin with. The guy in El Paso was on one of these white supremacist hate sites where they radicalize each other. We should shut those sites down. The guy in Dayton was kicked out of school because he had a rape list, a kill list. He was clearly violent. Why did that guy get a gun to begin with.

If you are familiar with the Overton Window, Graham’s position will make perfect sense to you. Graham’s comments likely seem pretty reasonable to the “average citizen”.  Of Course we should keep the guns out of the hands of the criminally insane, that sounds like a good idea which no “reasonable” person could argue with. The trouble is we already have laws intended to accomplish this.  Trying to stop people from becoming radicalized and carrying out violence sounds like a noble goal. Who could argue with that? Well, who defines what “radicalized” means? With how far left the Dems have run, I am pretty sure they consider anyone to the right of Mao a “radicalized” right winger.

Who decides who is “crazy” enough not to own a gun?  I’m sure your list and mine would look a differently, now imagine Ted Nugent’s list vs that, of say, Ilhan Omar, or Hillary Clinton.  What could possibly go wrong right?

Graham’s words and ideas may sound reasonable, however, this is not where we will end up.  If we give away so much as an inch of our rights away now, before we know it, all of our God given rights will be gone by use of the principle of incrementalism, i.e. the moving of the Overton Window towards total and complete authoritarianism.

As for shutting down websites, shutting literal “Nazi” sites may sound like a decent idea to most.  As you read this please keep in mind I come from a German Jewish family. You can not shut down “Nazi” sites because they are saying things you think, or even know are, “hateful.”  Publishers should never be silenced unless they are publishing illegal speech such as calling for violence or organizing violence, committing fraud etc. It is my interpretation of case law that “hate speech” while disgusting and distasteful is NOT illegal and is thus protected under the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

Do you think it is a coincidence that the Democrats call all Trump supporters “White Nationalists?”  Once we allow those in power the (unconstitutional in my view) ability to shut down “Nazi” sites, how long do you think it will be before sites like this one are made illegal? Considering the fact that Facebook has cut our distribution by 90%+ since Trump was elected, I’m guessing it will not be long.

We already have laws on the books outlawing murder, criminals owning guns and inciting violence.  If writing things down on an official piece of paper made them go away how did these atrocities occur, they were already illegal?

Like the Gateway Pundit points out:

“The Democrats will love this. Since forever they have been pushing stricter gun legislation that will make it harder for law-abiding Americans to protect themselves. The repeat felon in Philly who shot six police officers was using an illegal weapon.
How will new laws stop this guy from getting a gun?

And pushing to remove offensive “hate sites” plays right into the left’s hands. The left defines ANY conservative website as a hate site. Since 2016 the American left and tech giants have removed conservative content, conservative publishers and billions of conservative page views from social media sites and the internet. They say it’s to battle “fake news” or “offensive content.”

Lindsey Graham is a very dangerous man.”

Via Sunday Morning Futures:
[embedded content]

Did you trust the Senator before watching this video?  Do you trust him after watching it?  Let us know on Facebook … while we are still around….


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